Some Do's and Don'ts for Seniors When You Are Dating Online

Even though online dating may seem easy enough for majority of the individuals, still there are a number of ways which might prove to be a big turn off when you are on a date, particularly if you are a senior and dating after a while. Listed below are a few dos and don'ts you need to remember whilst on a date with your partner.

Senior Dating Do's:


Both you as well as your dating partner is over 40, meaning you might have travelled to some destinations by this time. You do not necessarily need to converse about exotic locations, other things like, a warm weekend in the cottage alongside a river or a breakfast at some cool location can also produce exciting stuff to talk about as well.


It's always okay to ask your potential partner what type of things they enjoy during their free time. You could also talk about the activities which interests you the most. It could be hobby classes, it could be singing, or any similar stuff. Anything which you enjoy doing can make a good topic to talk about.

Workouts or any other fitness related stuff

Getting the views of your potential partner on things like health and workouts can offer a solid base on order to know how both of two as a couple might fit together at some point. Perhaps, you & your companion enjoys going for picnics, or sailing together. This can be a perfect way for knowing how energetic both of you might be in the future.


Family should be another topic of discussion. Also, it can give you some insight about the true nature of your companion. Avoid overenthusiasm whilst conversing about your kids because it might bore your partner after a while.

Senior Dating Don'ts


Even though you can talk about it briefly if you want, however never try to go deep in this matter. If your dating partner wants to know about it, avoid the topic by saying you would prefer talking about lighter topics & not something as depressing as an illness.


This should not be your topic of discussion especially when you are dating online. If asked about it, just say that you are divorced & possibly that'll be the only period you talk about your ex.

Financial status

It doesn't matter if your financial status is good or bad, it's never a wise idea to discuss about it when you are dating online. If you are encountering some rough patches, your partner may think you are dating him/her for his cash. On contrary, if you have a decent cash, they might try to victimize you for your cash.

Race, religion or politics

Obviously, you can discuss on these matter after you are in a true relationship with your partner, however you are better off avoiding them during your initial meetings with your partner.