Why Young Women are Dating Older Men?

There are some young women who find older guys more attractive than younger ones. The biggest reason to this is because, younger women see a father figure inside every older man they come across. This can be particularly true if she is somebody who are emotionally involved to her father. Nevertheless, this might not be the case in every single instance.

Top 7 reasons why younger women date older men:

1. A feeling of emotional stability

Most women think that men who are older have already gone through several relationships in their younger age; so, they are unlikely to cheat their partner any longer. Also, according to most women, older men are more likely to settle with 1 woman only at this phase of their lives.

2. Feeling of safety

Women tend to feel much more safe in the company of older men. Women want their partner to care for them and protect them all the time. They don't see men of similar age group to them or younger save them whenever they are feeling uncomfortable or stressful.

3. Financial security

Most women like to see their life in practical terms. As a result, they see financial stability as one of their biggest concerns whilst starting a relationship with a guy. Younger men are less likely to offer financial stability than older men, according to most women.

4. Older men are good communicators

As opposed to younger men, men who are older singles are very unlikely to make pointless talks. And since some ladies get fed up communicating about trivial matters, which typically come from men who are younger; they want to have smart conversations with senior single men.

5. Older guys prefer serious relationship

Generally, most older guys like to be serious whilst talking about relationship matters. In addition, they don't prefer playing around with women any longer. They are more likely to say what they truly feel when in a relationship with women. Thus, women find contentment & peace in this circumstance.

6. Older guys are more likely to pay for all the costs of their partner

There are women who prefer going out with older guys since they have a stable job & hence don't mind paying the entire bill of their partner.

7. Men who are older appear to be more attractive physically

At times, there may be a physical reason as to why women pick older men as their dating partner simply because they appear sexier as compared to younger men. Older men have the kind of body which makes females fall.

As you can see, there can be a number of reasons why women might be more comfortable in dating older men. The list can go on and on. However, the above are some of the biggest reasons why a woman may fall for an older man.